June 2017

Yovi Veliz

Showcasing 6-9pm, June 3rd, 2017

Yovi Veliz was born in 1982 in San Fransisco CA. She was raised in the Napa Valley. In 1998 she and her parents relocated to Hot Springs Arkansas where she graduated from high school and attended Jeans School of Massage Therapy Technology. After graduating and recieving her Massage Therapy License, Yovi spent her early twenties traveling coast to coast, spending three years in Key West Florida, before deciding to peruse a degree in Upstate New York.
Yovi graduated from Auburn Community College, Auburn NY with both an AS degree in Media Arts and an Associate of Liberal Arts degree. In 2010 she relocated to Nashville TN where she currently resides, working both an Artist and Massage Therapist.

From Mixed Media and Film to Production Design and Visual Arts, Yovi Veliz lives to create. As a visual artist, she uses many different mediums to communicate her visions. Creative and curious, her works continue to evolve, yet her artistic style remains unchanging. Moody, monochromatic, high contrast, one and two point perspective, depth, illusion and illumination are her signature styles. As an outsider, she calls herself an intuitive outsider artist, and does not conform to the traditional techniques confined within the scope of Fine Arts.

Yovi seamlessly blends the flow of her artistic visions into a story narrative, weaving together her past and present works to create several series within one conceptual theme.

Yovi Veliz