October 2016


Gary “G Mac” McIntyre is a painter and "reformed musician" living in Watertown, Tennessee. 

Painting came late for G. After flunking a 7th grade art class, he never again picked up a brush until age 50. "One day I just got an urge to try it. I mixed up some house paints, used a piece of vinyl siding for a palette and painted an odd landscape on a scrap of sheetrock. That day, painting became a constant need in my life. The final two years I spent on the road, I would bring my paints and try to carve out an hour a day for it."

In March of 2015, using leftover and reclaimed building materials, G created the Staircase Art Board. "I had 12 cases of laminated planks and some old oak flooring lying around and a big staircase with no art on the wall. Bang!  An idea is born! They really lend themselves to landscapes, but I can't wait to see what a figure painter can do with one."  A patent has been applied for and is in the works.

G has now retired from the road and devotes himself to painting, building Staircase Art Boards and hiking. 

"It's nice to take the time to actually see the places that went zooming past the bus windows for all those years. My style is still developing and I can't wait to see what happens next. Each new painting is a new adventure... I try to notice the details that I missed while traveling, and hopefully get them into my paintings. I love the desert. When I paint one of those places in Death Valley, or Zion, or Joshua Tree, I can almost smell the dust."