Our Space

Lightning-Fast WiFi
Event Space 

Here at Refinery we do our best to provide a comfortable and energizing work environment. There are two main rooms at Refinery, which consist of our 3,000 sqft co-working space a 2,000 sqft classroom space that includes 2 private meeting rooms.

Main Co-working Space (seats 50+)

Main Co-working Space (seats 50+)

Classroom Space (seats 30+)

Classroom Space (seats 30+)


Our membership rates can be found here: http://www.refinerynashville.com/membership


With classroom rentals, the cost is:

$100/hr non-members, $75/hr for members

Discounts are added with a commitment of:

8 hours and more: 20%

20 hours and more: 35%

30 hours and more: 50%


Our current scheduled programming:

Wednesdays from 4-6pm

4 week program M-F 6-9pm with a 2-3 week gap between each one

Sundays from 8am-12pm

We have liquor-liability insurance. With renting of our classroom we include wifi, desks, chairs, AV, access to our common areas, large sinks outside of classroom.