Member Spotlight:

A new social media network for social good.™

We are a tech startup located in Nashville, TN building a social networking platform aptly called We launched a beta version in 2015 and over the next 2-3 years become the household name for anything related to generosity, giving back, and connecting people to the needs and stories of others.

We believe every person has an inherent desire to give back and make a difference, but not everyone knows how or where to start. Therefore, generosity often happens at a distance — we donate to causes and charities, and we support their mission by posting and sharing, but we rarely take action ourselves. will solve this problem. Leveraging the power of technology and social networking, we want to RE-BRAND GENEROSITY.

By establishing millions of connections, publishing inspiring stories, and raising awareness of opportunities to make a difference, we aim to make generosity easily accessible and engage the world to be more generous.