• Turn on lights in main room (nine in total)
  • Turn on music on Sonos
  • Make coffee
  • Unlock all doors
  • Open up room across hallway and turn on lights (two switches by door)
  • Water plants that need it


  • Wipe down tables with cleaner and paper towels
  • Check trash cans and empty if necessary
  • Wash any dirty guest mugs
  • Place caps on keg spouts
  • Turn off music on Sonos or place timer
  • Turn off lights and close doors across hallway
  • Lock doors in main room
  • Turn off all lights in main room (nine in total)
  • Leave through passcode door

Member OnBoarding


  1. Coffee

  2. Fridge/Microwave

  3. Baskets (supplies)

  4. Printing

  5. Internet

  6. Composting/Recycling

  7. Entrepreneur Library

  8. Passcode (if a Full Time member)

  9. Spotify Collab Playlist


  • Add to mailchimp (General)

  • Add to mailchimp (Refiners)

  • Add to spreadsheet

  • Add on Stripe

  1. Receive business/personal story, logo, links