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Savvy Coders: Crash Course - Learn JavaScript

HTML + CSS + JavaScript = Better job

What an awesome equation!

If you're a graphic designer who loves using your creative talent, but needs to lean on a developer to make your creation worthy of the web? Or do you just want to become a front-end developer? Then check out this crash course and get to know your way around JavaScript. It can be a life changing event. Don't miss this opportunity and join the Savvy Coders' Tech Guru, Ellen Bailey on Thursday May 11th at 6:30pm.

Sure, you could always buy a book like Beginning Programming for Dummies and start plugging away at it solo in your free time, but will you? Really? Instead, spend 90 minutes with other savvy folks who are super excited about ramping up their tech talent.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Bring your laptop...

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