November 2016

Into the Abyss (1).jpg

Andrew Smith

A little about myself: I am primarily a painter using mediums in acrylic, watercolor and mixed media but I also enjoy photography; all with a focus in abstracts and landscapes. 

For my abstract works, I enjoy a deep, usually personal experience to portray my vision, yet at the same time I try to let the viewer have their own experience.  My wife and are avid travelers and outdoors people and as such, much of the inspiration behind my landscape works comes from our past travels, hikes, etc. This is also true as well of travels, events, etc. with family and friends over the past twenty years.

As of October 2013, I have been building and stretching my own canvases by hand and building the decorative finishing frames. By doing so, I want to give you the assurance that the piece you purchase has been 100% completed by hand from start to finish.

andrew smith